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What are learning pods?

Learning Pods started out with a goal to reimagine how we learn, share expertise, connect with one another as a community and explore a myriad of opportunities.

Rediscover the joy in learning

Embrace the thrill of exploration, creativity, and shared knowledge with us as your guide

Research, remix and recast your learning at the speed of light.
Shout out what you like to learn. And find your learning tribe.
Enough information downpour! Co-create with your learning tribe.
Learning has never been more impactful and fun. Join the Pods!

Improve your social learning game

Enhance your social learning prowess with Pods, where connecting and growing together is at the heart of our mission

Power Up your searches
Searching has never been easier and more intuitive. Use super search.
Get creative. Build portfolios.
Elegantly showcase your knowledge with a creative suite of tools.
Reach out to your audience
Engage your audience in ways they have never imagined before.
Join learning communities
Find and grow with your learning tribe; shine among your peers.

Have fun with more.

Experience the delight of learning with more content, more connections, more fun as you enter a world of new pathways of making education entertaining and engaging using a diverse range of materials at your fingertips.

More Space
Create spaces with all the content without restrictions in the way.
More Process
Create, share, discover, connect, educate, learn and many more.
More Materials
Share and learn from videos, blogs, tests, pins, pages and many more.
More Progress
Track, promote and adapt your spaces and paths to track your progress.

Explore a new learning process

Embark on a transformative journey of discovery, where each day brings a new, engaging learning experience

Create & Curate
Use open educational materials to create micro lessons on the fly. Be an engagement champion by combining your wits with a wide range of learning tools.
Showcase your pods
Share your pods with your friends, and let it ripple into impacting the community. Invite your buddies and enjoy learning together.
Stay in the loop
Gain perspectives. Embrace differences. Develop insights and collaborate to share your knowledge with the world. Learning is most effective when done collectively.

Join the learning community

Rekindle the joy of learning as you discover new ways to learn and new things to learn each day

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Say hello to the new world of learning. Learn, share and gain new perspectives. Join us on this extraordinary educational voyage, where curiosity knows no bounds.

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